General Information

Our Mission

To enrich the leisure needs and quality of life for citizens by providing accessible facilities, creative and diverse recreation opportunities and a safe public park system.


Fees are charged for most programs to help defray program costs. An additional fee is charged if you live outside of Orange County for programs not based on 100% direct cost recovery. There is no out-of-county fee for programs based on 100% recovery of direct costs (classes, workshops, day trips, day camps, etc.)

Where applicable, the FY 2016-2017 Out-of-County Fee is $80/individual/year. For those desiring to participate in a single activity, the Out-of-County Fee is $27 per general program or single sport or $80 for unlimited programs.

Inclement Weather Policy

Programs will be canceled if inclement weather causes poor road and/or facility conditions. Area radio/television will be contacted when broad cancellations occur. Cancellations before 5 p.m. on weekdays will be recorded on the Weather Information Line at 919-918-7373.

Inclusion/Programs for People With Disabilities

Our Department offers inclusion opportunities to anyone meeting the program age criteria. Please note, everyone program may not work for every individual. If you have any questions or specific concerns before you register, contact the Department prior to registering and every effort will be made to find a program or class that is the best fit for participants.

Inclusion requests are handled on a case by case basis. Let the Department know of any disability or special needs when you register and we will work together to figure our what accommodations are necessary.

Programs for People With Disabilities

In addition to providing inclusion support as requested, necessary or deemed appropriate in traditional programs, the Department offers some programs designed specifically for individuals with developmental and multiple disabilities including mental health, but anyone and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join the fun!