Orange County Solid Waste Management

Orange County Solid Waste Management offers curbside recycling collection programs for residential dwellings/duplexes, multi-unit housing, and commercial entities.   Please see below for more information on your recycling program. 

In addition, Orange County Solid Waste offers special drop-off recycling programs for the following items:

  1. Residential/ Duplex Recycling
  2. Multi-Unit Housing Recycling
  3. Commercial Recycling

Residential/Duplex Curbside Recycling

Residents in single-family homes or duplexes qualify for weekly curbside collection of recycling in 95-gallon roll-out carts.  

Collection Schedule

Determine your recycling pick-up day

2019 Holiday Collection Schedule 

Recycling Roll-out Carts

To request a recycling roll-out cart, please contact Orange County Solid Waste Management.

Collection Guidelines

Cart Set-out Guide (PDF)

Acceptable Items

  • Drink Cartons - Flat-topped, aseptic, and gable topped boxes.  Plastic spouts are okay. Rinse clean and flatten.  Do NOT Include foil drink pouches or straws.
  • Corrugated Cardboard & Single Layer Carboard (cereal boxes, cracker boxes, frozen food boxes, paper towel rolls, and tissue boxes) - Empty and flatten boxes completely for recycling. Include cereal boxes, cracker Recycle pizza boxes with Single Stream recycling if they are completely clean and empty.  Do NOT Include any wax coated boxes; tissues or paper towels; any plastic foil bags or linings; or plastic or Styrofoam packaging.   
  • Glass Bottles & Jars - Clear, brown, green and blue glass bottles and jars only. Rinse clean. Lids and labels are okay.
  • Metal Cans - Aluminum and steel/tin food or beverage cans. Tuck metal lids inside cans and crimp the edge shut. Flatten what you can to save space.  Do NOT include car parts, pans, pots, or scrap metal.
  • Mixed Paper -  Any clean, dry paper that tears (envelope windows and staples are okay), junk mail, manila folders, and office and school paper.  Do NOT Include tissue or paper towels, wax coated or laminated paper, and credit cards and other plastic items from junk mail. Do NOT Include shredded paper (not even in a bag). We recommend that people wait until our annual Shred-A-Thon events to properly recycle their shredded paper or compost it. 
  • Newspapers - Newspaper and associated inserts. Do NOT include plastic bags or rubber bands before recycling. Plastic bags can be recycled separately with plastic bags at grocery stores or at either Eubanks Rd or Walnut Grove Church Rd. Waste and Recycling centers
  • Magazines - Do NOT Include plastic overwrap.  24-hour recycling drop-off sites have Magazine Racks to share magazines in good condition.
  • Phone Books & Paperback Books - Clean and dry.  Do NOT include plastic bags; remove before recycling.  No hardcover books.
  • Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Jars & tubs - Plastic bottles have a neck smaller than the base. Leave the cap on!  Do NOT include clear plastic boxes or clamshells, plastic bags or other non-rigid plastics, or Styrofoam.
  • Cups & Buckets #2, #4 & #5 - Tubs, cups and buckets and other rigid non bottle plastics #2, #4, #5 only.  Do NOT include clear plastic boxes or clamshells, plastic bags or other non-rigid plastics, or Styrofoam.

Unacceptable Items

Keep these out


Call Orange County Solid Waste Management at 919-968-2788.