Carrboro's Affordable Housing Goals & Strategies

Since mid-2012, the Affordable Housing Task Force has been evaluating existing policies and regulations that have been in place to support and increase affordable housing opportunities in Town. In 2014, Carrboro's Town Council approved a comprehensive approach proposed by the town's Affordable Housing Task Force.

The Affordable Housing Goals and Strategies document is a result of the Task Force focusing its efforts on identifying short and long-term goals to include in a comprehensive affordable housing strategy. The Goals and Strategies document now serves as the main checkpoint for the town's affordable housing efforts.

Merritt Mill map Plan in Action:  CASA Affordable Housing 

This future affordable housing development is the result of multiple strategies prescribed in Carrboro’s Goals and Strategies document:  collaborating with other local jurisdictions, including planning and zoning departments; partnering with an affordable housing nonprofit; and utilizing local affordable housing funds.

This project plans for 48 affordable housing units near Lincoln Center on the north side of Merritt Mill Road. The properties are split by the Carrboro / Chapel Hill municipal boundary line. As a result, 24 of the units will be located in Carrboro and 24 will be located in Chapel Hill. Construction is expected to begin in 2021.